How to use and install FreeOCR languages

Free OCR uses the latest Google Tesseract OCR engine so you can install any language that this engine supports.


FreeOCR includes the following languages by default

Eng - English
Dan - Danish
Deu - German
Fin - Finnish
Fra - French
Ita - Italian
Nld - Dutch
Nor - Norway
Pol - Polish
Spa - Spanish
Swe - Swedish

choose OCR language

to use simply select the 3 digit language code in the toolbar before OCR'ing. If you need additional languages then follow the instructions below.


How to download and install additional languages

Visit the Tesseract download page and download your chosen language pack

tesseract page at google

Make sure the language file is for Tesseract 3.00 or higher (the 2.00 files will not work)


After downloading you will need to uncompress the file, we use 7 Zip but WinRar or similar programs will work.

You should end up with a file starting with the 3 digit country and ending with .traineddata

Tesseract uses the ISO 3 letter country codes, more info here


Now open the data folder for Tesseract.

open anguage folder

The data folder will open in Windows explorer. Now just Drag & Drop the language data file into the tessdata folder.


Now if you close and reopen FreeOCR it will see the new language file and you can choose it before starting OCR

choose OCR language


If your OCR language does not exist and you would like to train the engine for a new language then the Tesseract project can be found here:


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